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Armored Dueling Tree – Armored Steel Reactive (MRT-ARMTREE)

ARMORED DUELING TREE – Our Armored Dueling Tree is tons of fun to shoot AND easy to setup and transport – NO TOOLS REQUIRED!

This 6 target tree has a fully armored center post to withstand thousands of direct handgun and rifle rounds.  The flippers and center upright are fabricated from 3/8” thick AR500 steel.

Our dueling trees are the lightest weight, fully armored trees on the market. They break down into 3 parts for easy handling.

Shorter, 4-plate trees are available as well.

Our dueling trees are angled slightly toward the shooter for safety which allows the projectiles to be deflected toward the ground… not back at the shooter (see thumbnail pictures).  73lbs

Be sure to pick up a set of rimfire dueling tree plates so you can practice with your favorite .22 pistols and rifles


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